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&Since 2012 the association “The Birdies of Mogador” is a golf school free of charge that is offered to over 70 children of Essaouira and its surrounding area.

These student consist of and equal number of boys and girls aged from 8 too 15. They follow a program of 8 or 12 hours per week under the direction of the Golf de Mogador Academy. This gives the future champions of tomorrow the opportunity to train and play on a golf course of very high quality. It offers the children the possibility of a future career as golf professionals, teachers, caddies or golf club directors and will help lead the way in moroccan golf.
The goal is not just to teach them to play golf, but to give all the children the opportunity to gain experience and reap the rewards from their hard work. The game of golf is a very character building and helps them to mature through its discipline.


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