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Pro team - Golf Courses à Essaouira

You will be welcomed by a team of experimented profesionals for your enjoyment.

Beginner, amateur of experimented, our method and our teachers can adapt to any level.

The team

Manager, designer of the method, coach European Tour, PGA trainer France
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Professional golfer, PGA Pro France
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Pro PGA Maroccan
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Mustapha AKKAZ
Pro PGA Maroccan
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Pro PGA Maroccan
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Mohammad EL HAJJAM
Pro Assistant
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The Method

A unique training method

« The liberty of movement in a very precise way »

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Developed by Benoit Willemart, the Square & Swing method is used by all golfers no matter what their level through its simplicity and efficiency!


golf lessons essaouira The spirit of the game


You will learn quickly and easily how to capture the spirit of the game. You will learn to use you inner qualities at just the right moment:


  • Like a engineer, an expert in decision making
  • Like a dancer, an expert in movement
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You will be able maximize you tuition by dividing your time equally over three areas :

- One third on putting
- One third on short game
- One third on the driving range

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The fundamentals of the techniques

SQUARE, the discipline in the preparation of you shots.
The set-up :
- Alignment / Grip / Posture  





SWING, freedom in the execution
You will be able to take pleasure in playing and finding the sensation of rhythm and balance in your technique.


Our students benefit from the Square & Swing method and targeted training to improve its performance and index. Video analysis is with the software V1 golf and we use the Casio Exilim camera for better slow motion.



We offer various formulas which are adapted to your requirements :


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golf mogador essaouira Initiations courses, inclusive packages, crash courses, group or individual lessons.
ON-COURSE COACHING Take on-course advice from our professionals

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Our instructors are trained to offer a perfect environment and training for youngsters
Reinforce and guarantee the team spirit in your company. Many companies have already trusted us to do this :
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